Meet the Team

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 9.38.08 PMRob Nolli has been riding BMX for 30 years, 23 years professionally.  He has competed in all 4 disciplines of BMX.  Rob has achieved titles such as X-Games Bronze Medalist, ESPN’s Year End Champion for the CFB Series and 3 time Florida State Champion.  He has preformed BMX demos in all 50 states and over 11 countries. He started his professional riding career at Disney World in Orlando, FL. Then moving forward and touring with teams like the BMX Pros, GT Bicycles, Giant Bicycles, ASA Entertainment, Hoffman Bikes, BMX Freestyle Team and many others before starting The BMX Trickstars.

Sponsors include  Master Blaster Planet, Subrosa, Profile Racing, Vans, DECO,  Troy Lee Designs.

Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver Professional BMX Flatland rider for 15 years out of the Orlando Florida area. Scott has toured extensively all over the country for GT bicycles and performed demos for thousands of fans at many NBA halftime shows. Besides riding BMX, Scott also specializes in welding and metal fabrication. He performs at most of the BMX Trickstars educational school show assemblies and special events.

Sponsors include DECOMaster Blaster Planet and Shadow Conspiracy

Dylan Carter

Dylan Carter performing the “Jump Over” during one of the BMX Trickstars educational fundraiser school assemblies.

Dylan Carter is BMX Trickstars newest recrute. He is currently ranked the #1 rider in the state of Florida. Dylan competed at 2019s Florida Skatepark series competes and won the overall title for the pro division. Not only is he a professional BMX stunt rider, but he skateboards and rides scooters as well. Skating and scooters are a new addition to the BMX Trickstars stunt show. The addition of skating and scooters is a exciting new add-on to events that have had the BMX Trickstars out to perform multiple years in a row in the past.

Riley Jordan

Riley Jordan performing infant of the HUGE crowds at Super Car Week in downtown West Palm Beach.

Riley Jordan is always placing in the top 3 at the FL BMX contest series. He is known for going huge on the BMX Trickstars 9 foot tall 1/4 pipe and box Jump. He goes bigger than anyone else on the team. He is also a street rider and dirt jumper. Riley has been performing with the BMX Trickstars since the beginning and is always a exciting addition to every show.

Sponsored by Profile Racing, FIT and Emmitt BMX

Brian Fox is one of South Florida’s newest and brightest riders. He has been riding for 9 years competing and taking home 1st place, overall in the Florida BMX Skate Park series.

Mark Mullville

Mark Mullville

Mark Mullville  has been riding for 20 years. He began riding BMX dirt jumps, then he expanded his riding to street and skateparks. Mark is known for going big and his smooth style. He has gone on to compete all over the world in contest such as Asian X Games, Mountain Dew  Tours and Vans Triple crown contest series. He is one of Florida’s top professional BMX riders and is a huge asset to the BMX Trickstars team.

Sponsors include Profile racing, Vans and Wolf Brand clothing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 6.27.46 PMChad Degroot  3 Time Flatlander of the year NORA Cup winner . Chad has been riding BMX for almost 30 years. He also owns DECO bicycle company and Mr BikesNBoards in Central Florida. Chad has toured with schwinn bicycles for many years and performed in front of fans all over the world.

His sponsors include DECO, Profile Racing and Powerbar

Nari BMX 9 years old is a Special guest in many of our S Florida BMX stunt shows. Nari performed his first BMX show at 4 years old for the city of Miami. He consistently places at the top of the 12 and under class in the Fl. BMX skate park contest series and was the winner in his age group at the Tamp Pro/Am contest. He can be seen on Instagram and Youtube at NariBMX.

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