BMX School Assembly Programs

Inspire Students With Our BMX Bike Shows for Schools

Our BMX freestyle shows offer a thrilling and entertaining experience aimed at capturing the minds of students and sending a powerful message that sticks. We cover a variety of issues, including drug awareness, anti-bullying, healthy living and more. The thrilling BMX stunts that we perform along with these inspirational messages provide a unique and memorable experience for all of those in attendance.

Our team consists of some of the best BMX freestyle riders in the country, including X-Games Gold Medalist Rob Nolli, performing the most extreme and outrageous stunts imaginable. From 360’s to backflips to big air jumps, we provide an action-packed show that students will surely love.

Providing an Incredible Experience for Your School Assembly

With over 20 years of experience, BMX Trickstars has been able to motivate and inspire students to make the changes needed to live a happy and healthier life. Every school deals with its own set of issues, which is why we can customize our shows to provide a message that is best for your school assembly.

We know how difficult it can be to make the right decisions growing up. Too often young students get sucked into peer pressure where they make poor decisions that they felt could not be avoided. Our team of riders serve to be role models for students and aim to show them that it’s ok to be different. We encourage them to think about what is best for themselves and their future and how smart choices, hard work, and dedication can help them reach their goals.


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